Jump Out!™ Review

By , on May 6, 2011

Jump Out!™
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4 out of 5


  • (currently) 60 short, challenging physics based puzzles.
  • Cute art designs and sound effects.
  • New features added gradually; keeps the novelty fresh.


  • Replay value limited to perfecting levels; grabbing all stars, getting all bugs to the exit.


Jump Out! and its physics puzzles make for a fun distraction, just don't expect the experience to last for long.

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Some may lead and others may follow, but in either case when it comes to video games the winner is always the consumer. While Jump Out! by Avallon Alliance has shades of Cut The Rope slathered all over it, I really can't bring myself to be upset – honestly, who can remain upset looking at those insanely adorable bugs.

Players will find themselves traversing through 60 currently available levels over two environments, flinging bugs from the safety of their rotating bottle-caps and through the air in order to collect stars and hopefully make their way to the exit. Dragging back in a slingshot-like manner will produce a handy guide describing the arc of your bug, minus the subsequent collisions, bounces and other effects that will change the trajectory when you release your finger. New hazards and bug types are slowly introduced over the course of the game, adding complexity and depth to the physics puzzles. The use of multiple screen-stretching rooms allows the puzzles to increase in challenge without resorting to gimmicky hair-splitting physics puzzles, though the occasional single-room brain-tickler does break things up nicely.

Comparisons aside, Jump Out! is immensely cute and even without Retina support (which is coming in an update) the game is easy on the eyes. Cramming 30 levels in to the only two environments that are available can become visually monotonous, but the novelty of the new challenges every few levels helps to offset this. The audio is also well suited as the bugs chitter with glee as they fly and bounce around each area or moan in disappointment when they realize they're stuck and can't escape.

Jump Out! is a short challenge, but a fun one and while it's entirely possible to '100%' the game in your first run-through, casual gamers might find themselves heading back to earlier levels to collect the remaining available stars. If you're after a cute distraction with a bit of a puzzle challenge you might want to check this title out.


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