Foodies Review

By , on May 8, 2011

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4 out of 5


  • Crisp cartoonish visuals.
  • Smooth animations and effects.
  • Intuitive controls; just touch with two fingers and go.
  • 80 levels split over four increasingly difficult 'packs'.
  • Amusing storyline; adds a fun flair to the experience.


  • '3 Star' scores skewed heavily towards very high-level play; bordering on impossible for some.
  • Little replay value once completed.


Foodies proposes that the way to a woman's heart is through a man's stomach; while this may break the conventions, it's amusing enough to get you started on your bouncing journey.

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Maybe I'm a jaded old-soul, but there are few moments where I catch myself actually smiling, let alone laughing out loud at blatantly silly things. Yet, loading up Foodies by Nano Titans and being introduced to the game's main character did just this, coloring the game with a tinge of glee and amusement.

Foodies takes advantage of the platform it's on by providing controls and a style of gameplay that's unique to a touch-screen, adding a novelty factor that is delightful all by itself. Your character must consume as much food as possible within the space of a week lest his proposal of love go unrequited (she likes chubby guys) and you can help him by bouncing him around the screen on a virtual trampoline stretched between your fingers. It may not sound like there's much to go on with such a basic concept, but Nano Titans reinforces the gameplay with physics objects that respond to being hit by your character, while mixing up the basic mode with additional pressures like needing to finish under a limited timer or only having a handful of bounces available.

The variety of levels made using this combination of physics objects and restrictions is quite amazing and while the earlier levels don't post much of a challenge, later levels will have you scrambling to frantically push wheels, break walls and avoid ghosts, junk-food and blades before running out of time. The transition in difficulty is quite smooth and as long as you're not desperate to get '3 stars' (or its equivalent in 'candles') per level you'll burn through the 80 currently available levels in no time flat.

While bouncing a squishy blob across the screen so he can eat food may not sound like a lot of fun, the bright and colorful artwork; the fun storyline; and the sheer variety in content manages to keep the game fresh until the end. With any luck more content will be on its way soon, but if you're after something fun, unique and easy to play, look no further than Foodies.


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