Rocket Fox Review

By , on May 22, 2012

Rocket Fox
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3 out of 5


  • Cute, almost Okami-like psuedo-Japanese presentation.
  • Interesting vertical-puzzle-platforming concept.


  • Inconsistent controls; no ability to re-calibrate permanently or as required.


Rocket Fox fails to come together thanks to its inconsistent feeling controls; a hard game to recommend at this time.

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Sometimes a game can fail to come together, even if most of its individual parts aren't particularly lacking in polish, due to one critical feature failing to deliver. Despite the cute premise, presentation and fun gameplay ideas in Rocket Fox by Namco Bandai, the controls fall horribly short of what the game deserves.

As the cute foxy protagonist 'Guy' you must set alight all of the rocket-flowers by bouncing on them. Each flower has a different effect, ranging from bouncing you higher to releasing rockets that can pop other flowers for you, turning the game in to a sort of vertical-platforming, time-trial puzzler.

Unfortunately the game features tilt-only controls which are calibrated as you wait for the level count-down to finish. This locks in whatever orientation you have once the game commences, making any small twitch or relaxation of your hands result in something that is utterly unplayable. Even when you do manage to lock in something playable, the physics feel limiting, preventing the player from tilting and moving in the full parabola they should be able to complete, preventing the player from creating novel solutions to their stages.

Other small quirks such as the game being inconsistent in its collision detection make it a hard game to feel comfortable with.

Cute though it may be, Rocket Fox's explosive fun is given no chance to bloom. On the plus-side, players can check out the training levels for free before purchasing the game, giving them a chance to come to grips with the gameplay before diving in.


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