Worms Crazy Golf Review

By , on October 24, 2011

Worms Crazy Golf
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4 out of 5


  • The worms mechanics translate surprisingly well to golf.
  • Lots of ways to approach levels.


  • Most of the fun customization locked away from the outset.


It's golf in the worms world, with all the silly voices, hats, and modifiers that make a game of worms fun, just at a much slower pace.

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Worms has made an appearance on the iPhone a couple times now with varying success, but we here at AppSpy have to admit this title caught us off guard. Worms...golf? Who thought of this and now that the idea has flourished into a full blown release, can such an odd concept even work? Let's find out.

Funnily enough the game plays very similarly to a classic round of Worms. You can select a pre-built worm or make one from the ground up, choosing clubs, voices and even hats (which is fast becoming a recurring theme in games today). Sadly a lot of the fun options are locked away till you earn enough coins and trophies, but at least that gives you something to play towards. Once you select your course the game loads and it looks like you'd expect. There are clumps of land in the air, the course itself being in a twisted shape, with plenty of detail, multiple paths, coins to collect and other worms to destroy. The goal is to get your ball in the hole in par or under, with crates full of utilities to add you and worms to hinder you (cause if you hit them, more often then not their exploding body will land you in a bunker). The swinging itself is like firing a bazooka. Aim, hold the power and release. This works incredibly well, but for those more used to classic golf controls, this power meter can be changed in the options menu.

The presentation is what you'd expect from a worms game. The courses are colorful and full of detail, and the worms themselves are cute and funny. A lot of the more popular voice-banks are available such as Angry Scots and Soul Man, and the ambient sounds and music during play are relaxing. Aside from the three 18-hole courses on offer, there are a selection of challenge modes, and the ability to play hot seat multiplayer with your friends.

For a title that many would have never thought possible, Worms Crazy Golf is not only a fun golf game, but adding the charm of Worms to it, along with all the obstacles, bonuses, and utilities, makes for a really fun gameplay experience. Sure it might seem a little slow paced for fans of the Worms games but sometimes getting that hole in one can be just as exciting as perfectly lobbing that grenade into your enemy's bunker.


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