Hank Hazard Review

By , on February 1, 2012

Hank Hazard
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5 out of 5


  • Charming aesthetic touches to keep the mood light; cute little exclamations of pain and joy to match the action on screen.
  • Cleverly designed puzzles reward players for coming back for more.


  • Game physics can make some objectives a matter of luck more than skill; requires a Goldilocks scenario of things going 'just right'.


It should be no surprise to see yet another 'cute 3-star physics puzzler' from Chillingo, but don't let that fool you - Hank Hazard is genuinely clever and rewarding thanks to tight level design and varied puzzle objectives.

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It's hard to complain about 'yet another cute physics puzzler' when you're talking about a release from Chillingo, the publisher who is almost entirely responsible for the popularity of the concept. As such it's almost no surprise to note that Hank Hazard by Red Rocket Games fits this bill almost exclusively, however behind its cute exterior and 3-star item collection beats a fantastic little title that shares more with classics like Finger Physics than it does with Cut The Rope or Angry Birds.

This slight change of pace is refreshing thanks to its wonderfully simple, yet brain-tickling style of tapping to affect the world around Hank the daredevil hamster. Platforms, bombs and switches all activate or disappear with a quick tap, with players not only trying to collect three stars, but also the occasional coin while completing secondary objectives. These can range from needing to hit the target at a high speed to popping a certain amount of platforms or reaching above a specific height. Should you manage to also collect a coin on the stage you'll unlock a bonus level that packs a punch with its higher level of difficulty.

Aside from the pleasingly cute theme, what makes Hank Hazard work so well is its attention to detail in the puzzles and the way they can be completed. While collecting all three gems may not always be easy, completing the bonus objective may require an alternative route (and yet another still if a coin happens to be present). Not only does this open the game up to multiple skill levels, but it means there's a genuine sense of satisfaction in finishing a level 100%.

Hank Hazard follows in the footsteps of Finger Physics-like titles and packages the game in a way that's perfect for both casual gamers and puzzle fans who enjoy applying skill with brainpower.


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