Piggy Adventure Review

By , on October 10, 2011

Piggy Adventure
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3 out of 5


  • Puzzles using all three animals reminiscent of games like The Humans, or The Lost Vikings.


  • Story doesn't match gameplay.
  • Soundtrack a little repetitive.


Meant for younger gamers, this puzzle platformer will delight with its lovable farmyard characters.

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We've seen quite a few games use the concept of some evil force draining the world of color and the player having to help the main characters restore vibrancy. Piggy's adventure would be the first time that this concept was completely divorced from the gameplay. As three barnyard animal painters, you need to color the black and white world of Avelon, but upon playing the game, one will notice immediately that someone has already beat them to the job.

Using either tilt controls or on screen buttons, the goal of each level is to get each animal to the rainbow at the end of the level, collecting the three coins along the way if you feel so inclined. Each animal has a different role, and it's using these roles that gets everyone to the end. Steezy the pig is the jumper of the group, Haden the chicken can fit into small crevices, and Moochew the cow is an unstoppable force for pushing objects. In this way the gameplay is kind of reminiscent of The Lost Vikings in that you have to switch between the characters, making use of their strengths to get everyone to the end.

Despite the world already being full of color, the game has a really nice design to it. The animals are very cute and the levels are bright and cheery. The music does tend to get on your nerves quickly but the sound can be turned off in the menu. With 40 levels, and plenty of secrets and unlocks, fans of this title should find plenty to keep them busy for the price asked.

Piggy Adventure is most definitely designed for a younger audience. From its cute visuals to its slow and steady increase of puzzle difficulty never being too taxing, this is a puzzle platformer that will be sure to delight your children, with some adults possibly being won over by its charm as well... flawed concept aside.


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