Zzed: match 3 cosmic shooter Review

By , on July 19, 2011

Zzed: match 3 cosmic shooter
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3 out of 5


  • Standard fun-to-play match three gameplay with some neat additions.


  • No real gameplay variation.


For fans of the Match 3 game, Zzed would be a welcome addition to your collection.

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Zzed: Match 3 Cosmic Shooter is a match three shooter game. It is also a mouthful, so for the purposes of this review it will be henceforth be referred to as Zzed. You know the type by now. Clumps of colored balls are moving towards you, so to protect yourself and complete each level you have to shoot colored balls at the clump, so that three or more of the same color match up and detonate. Zzed adds some interesting features to the gameplay and also includes a story told in comic book form between worlds.

As Zzed, you need to obtain a well paying job to win the approval of your girl Zzuma. Applying for a job at Zopa-Zola cleaning up space garbage, it's up to you to raise Zzed through the company's ranks and uncover a darker secret. The story is nothing to phone home about but it does add some character and a sense of progression to the gameplay.

Zzed's ship, which fires the balls to destroy the space garbage can be moved around, and tapping anywhere else on the screen fires a ball in that direction (with the ability to ricochet off laser grids for a nice bonus). Most of the time, you're best off staying in your starting position, but the ability to retreat if needed is a nice addition. For every batch of garbage you destroy in succession, your combo meter raises, allowing you to acquire missiles and bombs for mass destruction. Sometimes a pipe-bomb will float onto the map that can be detonated, and if you create a match with a flashing colored ball, all of that color will disappear from the stage.

Zzed is a well made match three shooter. It plays well, looks and sounds good, and has enough levels with high score and combo leaderboards to keep fans of the game interested. If you like the genre or feel like you might enjoy playing through this friendly alien's plight for love, you should check Zzed out. You'll be cleaning up the galaxy with ease in no time.


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