Torture Bunny Review

By , on July 20, 2011

Torture Bunny
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3 out of 5


  • Lots of variety in traps.
  • Arcade mode a nice touch.


  • Ghoulish concept.
  • Unpredictable physics.


Ragdoll physics and a dark concept. The price is low enough to see if this title resonates.

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This review begins with a disclaimer. If a game where you use various instruments to torture a helpless rabbit for a high score sounds awful to you, you may want to stop right here. For those of you interested or amused by this concept, Torture Bunny by Clickgamer may satisfy those dark urges within.

Torture Bunny is a ragdoll physics game with a hint of strategy thrown in. There is a bunny in a cage hanging high above the ground. When you press go, he is released, and plummets to his death. Where the points come in is you have a selection of torture devices at your disposal that you can place between him and the ground. The more time he spends hitting these (and the level's objects such as bats and candlesticks), the higher your score, netting you one to three carrots at the end of each run. Each world also has a boss stage where the bunny has been given armor and you'll need to apply extra damage to remove it and complete the level.

The presentation is quite gloomy, with the rabbit itself being similar to ragdolls in other games of this nature (including the ability to place someone's face on the ragdoll). The music annoyingly loops and the screams of torment the bunny emits would make you downright embarrassed to be playing this game in public. Aside from the five worlds, there is also an arcade mode where you can use all the unique torture devices in that world to setup fiendish traps.

Torture Bunny is a solid, if somewhat disturbing game. Our biggest complaint is that the ragdoll physics are unpredictable, and even the greatest trap setup can be ruined as the rabbit decides to fall in another direction. As was stated earlier, this game is definitely not for everyone, but if the concept amuses you, you might find yourself still hours later, running the rabbit through a Rube Goldberg device of death.


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