Squishys Revenge Review

By , on October 10, 2011

Squishys Revenge
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4 out of 5


  • Simple puzzle gameplay.
  • Catchy music.


  • The pay wall comes up just as the game is getting started.


Squishy's Revenge is a slow paced, clever puzzle experience that asks you to pay up just as you're getting into the swing of things.

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It seems unfeasible that a sliding tile puzzle game featuring a cute little blob named Squishy has a anti-corporate bent to it, but the evidence seems to be right there on the screen. Oh sure the story tells you that the evil Dr. Spudget has stolen all the Squishberries and it's up to Squishy to take revenge... but you do this by setting skyscrapers aflame, many of which seem to be alive. You monster!

Each level gives you so many turns before Squishy moves. You need to flick tiles with arrows into place so that when the blob decides to get going, you lead him straight to the buildings, and watch as the blatant arson occurs. If Squishy hits a blank tile, or if there are more buildings left, the turn counter resets until every urban landmark has been felled. As the game progresses, warp holes and other additions are thrown into the mix, but the core concept remains the same.

This game is more of a demo however. It's free to download, and you get the first world available, but just as the game clicks the pay wall comes up, asking you to either pay a small fee for the next couple of worlds or a larger fee to unlock everything. Unlocking everything wont necessarily break your bank, and it is nice to have that element of try before you buy, even though you kind of feel betrayed when you first plow through the free content.

Presentation wise, the graphics are fine, with the story told in comic book form. The music is surprisingly catchy and a great addition to the puzzle solving. Seeing there's no barrier to entry, if you like puzzle games, give Squishy's Revenge a try. Whether it's worth the coin to progress further is a decision you'll make when you come to the end of world one. The only question... was that enough gameplay to make up your mind?


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