Boy Loves Girl Review

By , on February 2, 2012

Boy Loves Girl
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2 out of 5


  • The game has a dreamlike feeling of whimsy.
  • The goal of the game is one most can identify with.


  • Repetitive, frustrating gameplay with a lack of any meaningful variety.


Boy Loves Girl has the feeling of an art game, but the message is overshadowed by frustrating gameplay and bland visuals.

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Often when a title seems like it could be classified an 'art game', a lot of the lack of polish and questionable gameplay mechanics are excused because of the overall experience it presents. These games usually divide as some players instantly click with what the game is revealing to them while others cannot get passed the poor execution. This makes the genre highly subjective and it almost always comes down to a 'love it or hate it' mentality, which is a real pickle for a reviewer.

Boy Loves Girl explains itself in the title. Well it explains the premise at least. You're pursuing a girl as you are in love with her. She keeps asking things of you, so the ultimate goal of the game is to learn what makes her happy. You want that 'happily ever after' ending after all. Each level has you chasing either the girl or what she's asked for. Some fellas say that they'll give the world to the one they love, but in this case, the moon is yours; not to give, but to protect. You're dragging the moon along on a string and by swiping up and down you avoid it shattering on a cloud, along with all your dreams. Near misses create smiles which the moon can gobble up, and this leads to the long list of additional challenges the game provides, but all this is ancillary. Avoid clouds, reach your goal. That's the order of the day.

The only real variety from level to level, aside from what you're chasing and the occasional background change is the types of clouds. For some this may be amusing and is what keeps you playing but we here at AppSpy got bored rather quickly and nothing presented was that exciting. The challenges can be interesting, but challenges are supposed to compliment the main game, and when the main game isn't clicking... well the best challenges in the world can't turn things around. Also while some art games have simplistic visuals to add to their charm, the art style here comes across as just amateurish... although the rocket clouds did provide some level of visual amusement.

As you might have guessed, we did not enjoy our experience with Boy Loves Girl. If you like giving quirky games a try or enjoy checking out the art game genre, give this one a look... but those expecting a good game are going to leave disappointed.


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