GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective Review

By , on February 2, 2012

GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective
  • Publisher: CAPCOM
  • Genre: Books
  • Released: 2 Feb, 2012
  • Size: 540.5 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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5 out of 5


  • First three chapters free; plenty to intrigue and get you hooked.
  • Silky-smooth cinematic animations make it a joy to watch.
  • Witty dialogue helps to guide players.
  • Manipulating the world is fun in itself; solving puzzles almost happens naturally thanks to ‘playing around’.


  • No real ‘choice’ in purchasing the game; individual chapters too expensive to consider that route.
  • Easy to fall for dead-end paths requiring multiple restarts at ‘fate change’ checkpoints.


GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective, quite simply, feels like it was always destined for the App Store and now that it’s here you should definitely grab it; funny, clever and fun - easily a must have.

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CAPCOM’s tenure on the iOS platform has been very hit or miss, with some games failing to live up to the grandeur of the original, while others almost outshine them. GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective was arguably the unsung hero of 2011 for the Nintendo DS and thanks to a top-notch adaption, the iOS release also has an opportunity to shine.

Sharing the same creative mind that developed the Ace Attorney series, Phantom Detective is no less madcap and outlandish. You play as Sissel, a ghost that can manipulate the world by jumping between objects. Sadly he has no memory of his life before dying and is now responsible for protecting others by rewriting history - oh yes, as well as manipulating objects, Sissel can jump back in time four minutes before a person died, changing their fate for the better.

Right from the outset GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective pops from the screen thanks to its cinematic quality animations and clever dialogue. After completing the obligatory tutorial stage you’ll find yourself led further down the rabbit hole, unlocking new abilities and even gaining a Pomeranian side-kick.

Another nice feature is the initial free download that covers the first few chapters of play, giving you a chance to get hooked before being asked to shell out for the full game.

Although GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective is a ultimately a straight adaption of the original title, the iOS release goes that small step further thanks to crisper visuals and controls that perfectly suit a touch device. Whether you loved the original or missed it entirely, take the time to try it on your iPhone - the first taste is free.


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