Random Heroes Review

By , on August 17, 2012

Random Heroes
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3 out of 5


  • Multiple characters to unlock, each with their own bonuses; mostly just for fun.
  • No real need for cash; easy to grind the boss stages for all the cash you could need.


  • Lacking in engaging elements to bring you back for more; sure, you can buy more items, but to what end?


Random Heroes keeps things simple, returning to the old-skool format of placing one level after another with no real reward for progression; it's a trip down memory lane, but a brief and uneventful one at that.

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[This mini-review is featured on the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 17th of August, 2012]

After the wild success of League of Evil it's no surprise to see Ravenous Games attempting to recapture that perfect balance of gaming joy once again. Pairing up with Woblyware for another Flash-to-iOS release, Random Heroes may be a platformer, but it's less of a game about high scores and more akin to the old-skool games we saw pumped out by studios during the 80s and 90s.

As the name suggests players can purchase any number of 'heroes', each with their own strengths (health, agility and power). Coins from destroying enemies can also be spent on weapons to boost your damage, though the range on offer is limited.

This limitation is somewhat odd considering the deeper shop system available in the original Flash version, with players being able to kit out their player with upgrades; it may not be much of a change, but it added a sense of personalization that's missing from the current title.

Ultimately this is more of a minor bugaboo compared to bigger issues such as achievement glitches, crashing on some iDevices and worst of all, easily exploitable boss fights to earn all the best equipment in under an hour of gameplay.

For a dollar Random Heroes provides a glimpse at the kind of games we used to slog through during the long Summers of our past, but as such it's uninspired and lacking the same competitive edge of games like League of Evil.


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