Flapcraft Review

By , on September 13, 2011

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3 out of 5


  • Quirky fantasy aesthetic; detailed 2D visuals and clever audio touches.
  • Easy to pick up and play; sticks to the basics.


  • We've seen this already; similar gameplay (iterative flying with objectives) and theme (vikings) to Vikings Can Fly!
  • Low challenge gameplay; outside of the final challenge everything else is a matter of upgrades.


Sometimes you just want something simple and familiar and Flapcraft fits the bill if you're just after a basic flying title.

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Here we are again, back on the high bluffs of a mountain, crazy contraption in hand and a death-wish in the heart as we push our viking in to the blue-yonder in an effort to fly further than ever before. No, we're not reviewing Vikings Can Fly! again, but rather we're taking the screws to Flapcraft by Pixelmator Team.

Flapcraft follows the basic formula found in many 'flying' games, with the protagonist earning points that go towards the occasional upgrade that affects the speed, flight time and thus the overall distance that can be flow on each run. Tilting back and forth allows you to affect your viking, placing him in a dive to gain more speed before leveling out to glide as far as possible. 'Challenges' in the form of 'reach x distance', 'reach x speed' or 'perform x trick' provide point bonuses to go towards your research, though it's all too easy to find yourself at the final challenge with little difficulty as you purchase upgrade after upgrade as soon as they become available.

What makes Flapcraft so irksome is the way in which it apes the basic concept and themes behind Vikings Can Fly! without making any real additions. Its only real distinction is its detailed artwork, but outside of the clever addition of anachronistic visual flair (such as your viking passing Sputnik) your basic round will consist of looking at a lot of empty air.

Flapcraft amounts to simply another entry in to the 'flying' style of games with little to no thought about extending the gameplay in a new direction. Turn after turn you'll hit the turbo, fly as far and fast as possible before jiggling back and forth to glide to the end. If you're positively burning for a 'flying' game, this may keep you entertained, at least for half an hour or so.


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