Dice Soccer! Review

By , on August 4, 2011

Dice Soccer!
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4 out of 5


  • Loads of content.
  • Good use of a simple game mechanic.


  • Grinding required to avoid spending money.


This addictive combination of soccer, strategy, and chance might grab you, but beware of the extra costs that might be involved if you get yourself hooked.

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It's finally happened! The pairing you were waiting for. The fast paced action of soccer combined with the slow methodical tension of a dice roll. I guess both games require luck but while an odd pairing, Dice Soccer is a pretty addictive title.

You are the manager of a soccer team. Starting in a training camp you have to win or draw matches to earn enough stars to move up the ranks and compete in the big leagues. You have three lines of players. Three forwards, three defense, and a goal-keeper. The game revolves around rolling dice. Whichever side rolls the highest number either gains possession of the ball or moves forward to the next line of defense. It's a simple mechanic but is made more interesting by players possessing special powers that can add and subtract numbers from either sides' dice pool, among other abilities. Each roll of the dice takes a minute off the game clock and when the game is over, you are awarded coins and unlock players based on a win, lose, or draw.

Dice Soccer is a freemium game. This means that while the game is free to download, you can spend real money to unlock players, coins, and uniforms. Of course you can earn all these by playing the game, but expect to grind through quite a few matches to gain the players that will really help you progress through the ranks.

Dice Soccer is an addictive little title. While the idea of rolling dice to play through a soccer match might seem boring, the special abilities add some really interesting strategy options, especially when you combine certain players on your forward or defense lines. There is a lot of content here, regardless of whether you wish to spend money or not, and with the promise of multiplayer support being added, it's easy to recommend such a game when it costs nothing to download.


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