Cut the Rope: Experiments Review

By , on August 8, 2011

Cut the Rope: Experiments GOLD
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4 out of 5


  • Same charming visual style of the original game.
  • Two new tools to play with; rope gun and suction cups.
  • Hints at a larger world for Om Nom.


  • Relatively short game; first 50 levels easy to breeze through for Cut the Rope veterans.


Cut the Rope: Experiments is not so much as sequel as it is a separate expansion to the game's world - this gives ZeptoLab some room to breathe and experiment with new ideas (as you'd expect from the title), giving it some great potential, but for now it's a fun addition to a game you probably already enjoy.

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Although technically the third outing for Cut the Rope on the App Store, Experiments is the first solo release for ZeptoLab giving it a very similar parallel to the release of Angry Birds Seasons by Rovio last year. However, instead of simply adding a thematic spin on things, Experiments adds to the world by not only introducing players to a new character (The Professor), but also by switching up the puzzles with timing-based challenges to test your skills with new and old contraptions.

As before your goal is to get the piece of candy to Om Nom, hopefully collecting up to three stars in the process. The candy is subject to the basic effects of gravity, amongst other physics-based restriction, which is where the use of ropes comes in, allowing you to swing and adjust the path of the sweetie as it arcs through the air or floats away in a bubble. Everything is handled by simple tap and swipe controls, intuitively popping bubbles, activating whoopee-cushions and slicing rope as required, giving you ample opportunity to concentrate on the puzzle at hand instead of obscure gestures.

Experiments cuts to the chase straight away by packing in a hefty amount of tools from the original game within the first 25 levels. New-comers may feel a bit overwhelmed, but if you've spent any time with the original you'll blast through without much challenge. Where the game really starts to take off is in the introduction of two new tools, the rope gun and suction-cups. Both fit in well with the new overall theme of Cut the Rope's puzzles as they require careful timing to use effectively, making them all the more important to master when faced with moving stars that are about to disappear from the level.

That isn't to say the whole game has shifted towards this break-neck-paced style of trying to solve a puzzle in seconds - plenty of thought-provoking brain ticklers are included to test your problem solving skills. And who wouldn't want to wait around? The series' signature super-cute graphical style is in full swing with Om Nom reacting to the candy flying around the stage with a host of adorable animations. Should you fail a round you'll also be encouraged by The Professor to continue on, making it hard to get upset when you're trying to perfect a complicated maneuver.

Considering the sizable amount of content in the original game, it's easy to consider Experiments to be more of a paid-for expansions rather than a true sequel, but for those itching for more content (which is likely to be anyone who owns the original) it's a small price to pay to experience some new puzzling challenges. It will be interesting to see where ZeptoLab ends up taking Cut the Rope, especially with this release adding more story-based depth to the world, but until then it's a great way to kill an hour or so after conquering the original game.


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