Fainting Goats Review

By , on January 18, 2012

Fainting Goats
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3 out of 5


  • Fun visual design; bright, cheery and inviting.
  • Easy to pick up and play; move and shout your way to victory.


  • Monotonous gameplay; 'more' does not always mean 'more complex', it simply takes longer to complete.


Fainting Goat's simplicity is ultimately its downfall; despite its elegant design and concept, there's no reason to push through its repetitive gameplay.

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YouTube is the home of many things, be it pirated television shows, bold and stupid teenagers doing stunts, or the occasional viral video involving animals. If you haven't seen a video involving the famous 'fainting goats' then I heartily recommend checking one out, and for everyone else there's the iPhone game designed around this hereditary genetic disorder.

Fainting Goats by Two Guys Called Steve is a cute and colorful 'puzzler' that places you in the role of what could only be called a 'jerk' with the sole aim of making all the goats on a level fall over. This is done by positioning yourself on one of the many 'hills' that make up the stage, tapping and holding the screen and letting go when your 'shout' is large enough.

The puzzle element comes in to play after a handful of levels as you seek the optimal position and shout usage to clear the stage. Having a limited amount of shouting power can make this difficult, but logic and practice will eventually prevail. Sadly that's where the variety ends - levels may add more goats and more hills in various patterns designed to stump you, but making your way through the 45 available stages quickly becomes monotonous.

Fainting Goats feels like a game cut-short in development - beautifully designed graphics, and interesting gameplay concept aside, it simply fails to deliver a compelling reason to come back for more... even its 3-star system seems out of place as a level must be 100% complete to move on.

A fun distraction, but lacking in follow-through for those after a new addictive puzzler.


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