Smash Cops Review

By , on January 18, 2012

Smash Cops
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4 out of 5


  • Large and luscious 3D environment; just like a cop show, but with you behind the wheel.
  • Easy to pick up and play; unique control scheme and 'unrealistic' physics add to the visceral experience.
  • Gimmick levels break up the otherwise repetitive gameplay.


  • Limited appeal; aside from faster, chunkier vehicles the basic gameplay lacks variety.
  • Later stages can be very brutal to clear completely; too easy to destroy cop cars, ruining an otherwise flawless run.


Smash Cops doesn't overstay its welcome by forcing players to deal with its limited variety in gameplay; thanks to this the game remains short, sharp and a fun way to blast away an hour or two.

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There's just something about someone surviving horrible car-crash that seems to draw in a crowd, be it at a sporting event, in a movie or more excitingly in a reality TV show with cops chasing criminals. Smash Cops by Hutch Games taps in to this mental space, placing you behind the wheel of a cop chasing down criminals (amongst other tasks), bullying them off the road to make your arrest.

Despite the game's lusciously realistic presentation, not an ounce of reality exists within the gameplay itself. Almost no level goes without the regular tactic of shoving your way through traffic only to rocket boost in to the side of your 'suspect' while also being able to maintain your forward momentum thanks to the game's refusal to obey the laws of physics. And you know what? It's better for it.

Players can choose between two control schemes, opting for either a more traditional virtual stick system or the game's unique touch-and-drag method of steering the vehicle from behind. However, this can take some getting used to and despite adding a visceral element to the experience the tried and true virtual stick makes clearing the more difficult missions a snap.

Progress throughout the game is marked by various unlocks such as speedier and deadlier vehicles; 'promotions'; and the occasional gimmick level to test your skill at the game, ranging from precision driving to surviving a short trip down a highway with a vehicle just about to blow up.

It's almost a good thing that Smash Cops is so short, the novelty of blowing up vehicles quickly wears off over the course of the 22 available missions and once complete there's a sort of calm in having satisfied that dark and disturbed corner of your mind.

If you feel the need to cause traffic mayhem in a gorgeously rendered and expansive world, Smash Cops is for you.


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