By , on August 22, 2011

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3 out of 5


  • Great visual overhaul.
  • Robust multiplayer experience.


  • Unresponsive control options.


For better or worse, Namco's re imagining of their classic arcade titles for mobile devices are always worth a look. Fans of the original will want to see how they've spruced up this arcade classic.

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The original Rally-X was an interesting concept. Let a rally car loose in a maze, where it has to collect all the flags to proceed, while avoiding the evil rally cars chasing it. Now seeming that Namco Bandai are remaking all their arcade classics for the iPhone platform, we have Rally-X Rumble. It's the same game under some new graphical flair, with an emphasis on a rather fun multiplayer mode.

The controls are the same as the original game's, they're just on the touch screen now. Press the direction you wish to travel in to move, and hit the smoke screen button if you wish to spin out a close pursuer. This translation of the arcade stick leaves a lot to be desired however. The controls aren't responsive enough, and when you're traveling fast and want to make a series of quick turns to avoid death, this is a big problem, and one that the multiple control options doesn't alleviate.

The main arcade game is here in a couple variations, but where this title really shines is in the multiplayer. At the moment there are two games where four people can play (or you can play alone with bots). Paint the town has you trying to cover as much of the level as you can with your color, and point is a version of tag, where you have to touch an opponent's car, and then avoid everyone else once doing so.

The game looks really nice with a lot of lighting and particles effects jazzing up what amounts to a rather simple visual interface. The soundtrack is decent enough, but the main track can overstay its welcome, and even worse, get stuck in your head.

Fans of Rally-X, and those who think the multiplayer sounds like a blast will enjoy Rally-X Rumble. The question is whether or not one can overcome the controls to make this a lasting experience.


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