iBlast Moki 2 Review

By , on August 24, 2011

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5 out of 5


  • Challenging physics-based puzzles; go for the easy solution or wrack your brain for the perfect score.
  • Custom level editor; share online and download free community rated levels.
  • Vibrant visual style; keeps the charm of the original while adding even more cuteness to the mix.


  • Fiddly controls; the difference between success and failure can be miniscule and hard to pin down with touch controls.
  • Heavy-handed replay download system; ultimately costs money for 'help'.


If you loved the original iBlast Moki, this is a no-brainer, but if you missed it and you enjoy physics based puzzles it's hard to pass up on this cute and easy to master title.

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Despite my time at AppSpy, I can't claim to have 'played them all' (the games that is) and as such when a sequel like iBlast Moki 2 from Godzilab drops out of the blue it's hard to know if you're looking at an improvement or just an update. Thankfully it's not hard to use the 'way-back-when' machine to make a comparison and suffice to say if you enjoyed the first title, you're going to have a literal blast with the new one.

What makes iBlast Moki 2 so much fun is the way in which players are brought in to place the final touches on a pre-built Rube Goldberg machine. Your aim is to get the cute little Moki's to the warp-portal at the end of the level, but your only method for doing so comes in the form of manipulating various forces such as directly pushing with bombs; reducing friction with yellow goop; creating a bouncy surface with pink goop; and halting friction altogether with sticky green goop.

Stars are awarded based on the final score, which is in turn affected by how fast you complete a level and how many flowers you managed to pick up along the way. Finding it hard to get that final star? Well you can spend in-game currency that's earned slowly as you progress to download replays of the best solutions posted online (more coins can be purchased for a nominal fee as well). Similarly, if you find yourself stuck and wanting to check out the later levels you can unlock the entire game for a small fee too.

The strength of iBlast Moki 2 lies in the way each puzzle is practically half-solved, making solutions all the easier to work out (though getting the timing right may take some tweaking). That isn't to say the game is easy though as three stars often require abstract solutions and careful manipulation of forces to achieve.

Should you fancy yourself a bit of a designer you can also whip up a few puzzles using the custom level tools, sharing your creations with people around the world.

iBlast Moki 2 is just what you'd expect of a sequel to a game that captured the attention of the iOS world almost two years ago. From its faithful adaption of the delightfully cheery visual style to the deeper mechanics and online features, it's a puzzle game that's guaranteed to keep you busy for a long time coming.


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