By , on July 8, 2011

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5 out of 5


  • Multiple modes; includes single and team battles along with endless play.
  • Training includes ‘combo’ mode to teach advanced concepts.
  • Unlockable artwork and outfit colors.
  • Detailed and smooth 2D animations; exactly what you’d expect for KOF.


  • No online multiplayer; though Game Center is supported for achievements.


Although it doesn’t carry the full roster, King of Fighters is still a top-tier 2D fighter that controls amazingly well thanks to innovations from similar iOS titles.

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As much as I love fighting games, there’s one series above all others that has consistently and continually remained out of my reach - The King of Fighters (KOF) series. It’s a shameful burden to bear, but while I watch people enjoy the heck out of this classic fighter I’m often reduced to relying on my button-mashing-fu. As such I’m glad I’ve got my hands on The King of Fighters-i by SNK Playmore - not because I can button mash, but because I’m getting better.

Following hot on the footsteps of CAPCOM’s updated fighting title, King of Fighters has taken some pointers and implemented a similar streamlined interface to suit iOS devices. Aside from an evade, punch and kick button, a ‘special’ button gives quick access to powerful moves while touching the power-bars or a player’s portrait will activate super-moves. These buttons can also be moved around to suit your particular tastes, so if something doesn’t feel right it’s worth making some changes.

As to be expected the game’s 2D animations are top-notch, though given the speed of the action at times it’s hard to truly appreciate a lot of the detail on the smaller screen. Still, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to check out the action while participating in 3v3 team matches or in the helpful training mode that teaches players basic combination attacks to bring you above the ‘button mashing’ stage of development.

Sadly there’s no online play, though you can fight against friends using the fourteen currently available characters via Bluetooth. SNK Playmore have mentioned that more fighters are likely to be added to the roster later in the year.

With the addition of King of Fighters to the App Store, fans of 2D fighters now have another great title to add to their collection. A great game to pick up whether you’re embarrassingly bad at the game (like me) or an arcade champion.


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