Do Do EGG! Review

By , on September 29, 2011

Do Do EGG!
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4 out of 5


  • A great spin on the match 3 game.
  • Good presentation.


  • Once you work out how to combo, the game is ridiculously easy.


Do Do Egg will most likely appeal to younger players, but even so, this is a solid spin on the match-3 game.

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Do Do Egg is a game of increments. First you learn how the game works, then you learn how to extend combos, then you learn how to chain together half the board, then you win. This is a take on the very popular match-3 genre but instead of swapping around gems in groups of three or more, you're drawing lines between two eggs of the same color that have two other eggs in the middle. As long as this holds true, you can continue your line until you've clocked in a mammoth combo, and you never have to worry about the time running out or leveling up again.

The base game is split into three main game modes with these modes having other options. The single player starts out with the normal mode, which is the main game. It also offers variants such as endless and mission, but these are locked as in-app purchases. Multiplayer is available over game center in either a score attack or turn based flavor, and finally there is puzzle mode, where you need to clear the screen of eggs using the ol' noodle.

As you're clearing eggs you'll take notice of the fun backgrounds and the over-saturation of color. This is a bright and cheerful game, especially for a puzzle title based around creating colored omelets. The music and sound effects are cheery as well but the tracks do wear out their welcome quickly.

Perhaps this game has been approached in the wrong way. Once the ability to create limitless combos clicks, all sense of challenge is removed, and that leads us here at AppSpy to surmise that the game is meant for a younger audience. It could be that chaining together combos is supposed to be more of a thoughtless free-flowing affair, which is part of the charm that has made the Match-3 genre so popular.


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