Foodie The Bug Review

By , on December 26, 2011

Foodie The Bug
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3 out of 5


  • The food items to collect keeps your eyes open during levels.


  • Power ups cancel each other out rather than stack.
  • Levels drag on a tad too long.


Keeping Foodie flying through the air is often more monotonous than fun, but the colorful levels and upgrade system will entice some players to help this bug travel the globe.

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Foodie plans to travel the world. To make sure his energy levels are up he needs to constantly be snacking on multicolored jelly beans. With plenty of power-ups to boost him along and increase his intake, and an upgrade system to improve his abilities, can you help him reach his goal (which resides at the end of each level)?

Upon first glance this looks like another slingshot physics game, but the flinging is only for launch. Once in the air Foodie hovers along with the iPhone being used to tilt him up or down to try and collect the jelly beans. You see there's an energy bar at the bottom of the screen that is always draining away. Hitting jelly beans fills it up, and if it empties before the end of level goal, you will need to restart.

Once in the air there are power-ups and obstacles to grab and avoid. The most prominent power-ups are the bags of spicy food that propel you along through the power of flatulence, and the lollipops that act as jelly bean magnets (sugar of opposite poles must attract). There are also special ingredients to collect in each level, which can be used to make country specific recipes to add to Foodie's collection... oh and let's not forget the upgrade system.

The shop is where you use your jelly beans as currency to buy better means of flinging you into the air, better landing equipment, and extra items. This would be a nice little addition to the game if it didn't feel crucial to the experience very early on. While the game starts off easy, and even a little boring considering how long the levels are, by the fourth level or so, not only are you looking to the shop for that extra boost, but grinding jelly beans seems like a necessary option.

There's this feeling that the game is geared towards a younger audience. What this means is that some of the gripes us more seasoned gamers have are not as detrimental to a fun play experience for some. This doesn't mean that these problems should be excused, just that they aren't as important or problematic depending on who is playing this title.


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