Blot Review

By , on February 15, 2012

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3 out of 5


  • The visual and audio effect upon death.
  • A small element of risk verses reward.
  • The background always has something interesting to look at.


  • Repetitive music.
  • The useful items in the store are priced a little high.
  • Not much longevity.


Blot is Jetpack Joyride on a student's sketch book. You'll have some fun with the title, but it wont last too long.

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A lot of the time it can be hard to be a fair when you see so many instances of the same game. The trick then becomes to look for the innovative or failing that, what the title has to offer in terms of fun. Blot is essentially Jetpack Joyride taking place on a student's school notebook full of sketches. It is this setting however that provides the angle for which reviewing yet another Jetpack Joyride clone can be tackled.

You control a blot of ink weaving its way through the hazards of push pins and pencils, all the while traveling over the doodles of a budding background artist. The blot strains to unleash a trail of ink to propel him up when your finger is pressed on the screen (hopefully in the nice little square in the corner provided for you). Lifting off will give him reprieve as he drifts back down to the floor of the notebook. Do notebooks have floors? As you travel along, there will be plenty of coins to collect as well as different colored paints and even boost buddies. The paints either make you slower, faster, or act as a coin magnet. The boost buddies make you larger with each you collect, increasing the chance of hitting a hazard and exploding in a mess of inky goo. Collect four buddies however and you enter hyper mode, whisking through the level and returning to normal size.

The coins can be spent in the shop which aside from a lot of blotty cosmetic choices contains a whole bunch of useful game changers such as giving you permanent paint effects or elongating your survival chances, and that's everything. Blot has a fun presentation with the notebook motif, and the backgrounds are always enjoyable to look at, along with the comical blot and his messy and unfortunate demises. Fun is to be had here, but not for any long length of time.


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