Critter Escape Review

By , on August 21, 2012

Critter Escape
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4 out of 5


  • Great use of the three star system.
  • Interesting use of the shop.
  • The combat power-up makes encounters very enjoyable.


  • The pathing instead of a smooth travel is more like jolts from a lasso; nothing that hampers gameplay, but it's definitely an oddity.


Now that the line drawing sneaker is an established genre, we'll be seeing a slew of titles in it, but as long as they're as polished and enjoyable as games like Critter Escape, that will be no problem at all.

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Isn't it always the way. You're some weird anthropomorphic creature minding your own business chasing butterflies in a field, when you're captured by scientists and probed for study, only to have to sneak and attack your way to freedom. Critter Escape is a line drawing sneak game, popularized by such titles as Spy Mouse, in which you must draw a line to move your critter around the guards and to the exit. What this title brings to the table are challenge based stars, a host of interesting power-ups, and the ability to forgo the entire stealth approach, hulk out, and smash your opposition to bits.

The goal is to get to the exit, sometimes as quickly as possible (if a challenge is involved). There are guards that most of the time need to be avoided, and plenty of ways of evading capture. Drawing a line will move the creature along it when your finger is lifted. While your finger is on the screen, the action on screen is paused, which is quite handy if you need to make a quick alteration to your plans. The pathing for the most part works fine. It's implemented in sort of a lasso system where every so often the lasso jerks your character towards its goal instead of allowing him to smoothly walk along the path. This is not really a negative, but more just an oddity that needs to be noted. Along the way there are power-ups that can aid you in your goal such as a speed enhancer, ghost mode (which turns you invisible), and the most fun is attack mode, where your creature turns into a giant brute, who believes offense is the best defense.

A star is awarded for completing a level, for collecting a gem, and for fulfilling the criteria of the challenge. These challenges range from not being seen, to rescuing other critters, to pummeling everything that moves. These gems unlock new stages so it's good to at least strive for two as you're moving through the content. If a stage is giving you trouble, you can pay using crystals to obtain one of the power-ups to aid your quest, but be sure, as these crystals are the in-app purchase currency.

With solid presentation (including a very slick intro movie), Critter Escape is a great entry in the line drawing sneak genre. The design keeps upping the ante as you play through and the challenges make you think of tackling levels in a different way than you might have. A great effort that makes this an easy recommendation.


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