NFL Kicker! Review

By , on January 25, 2012

NFL Kicker!
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3 out of 5


  • Full Fat's polished flick-based controls remain as smooth as ever.
  • Coffin Corner Pro provides a real flick challenge for high-score junkies.
  • NFL themed customizations add to the spirit of the sport.


  • Nothing particularly revolutionary about the gameplay; variations on similar titles or previous modes in Full Fat's repertoire.


NFL Flick Kicker is yet another polished release from Full Fat, but it would have been great to see the developer push the limits a little further.

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The last time Full Fat dropped a game on to the App Store we were treated to a unique take on the sport as players focused their attention on the role of the quarterback. In continuing with their NFL licensed releases the developer has switched to kicking field goals, bringing it more in line with their previous titles.

For those not already familiar with flick-based sports titles, the basic gameplay revolves around attempting to flick a ball (in this case an American football) in to an increasingly difficult to hit goal as the player is moved further and further away with wild winds to contend with. Full Fat's 'after flick' controls allow the player to correct their aim once the ball is in flight, adding a level of skill in nailing ultra-complex bulls-eyes.

'In The Zone' mode covers this style of gameplay with additional modes unlocking as you earn enough points to rank up. First to unlock is 'Coffin Corner' mode with players attempting to punt the ball out of bounds as close to the end zone as possible, while also hopefully picking up a multiplier by bouncing the ball first. Next is 'Time Attack' with additional time bonuses being awarded if you can hit the highlighted zones in order; and lastly players can unlock 'Hit The Uprights' where players have a limited amount of attempts at doing just what the title says, moving further away with each successful clear. There is a final 'Coffin Corner Pro' mode, however this is simply Coffin Corner with a further initial distance and added winds - a true challenge for veteran players.

If you're a fan of NFL you'll be glad to know you can represent your favorite team in the game as you customize your avatar, resulting in small, but appreciated visual changes such as adding the team logo to the field and changing the colors worn by people in the stands.

Unfortunately everything about the game feels 'by-the-numbers' and while Full Fat's usual polished standard is showcased in NFL Flick Kicker, the game seems to be aimed at those who have yet to experience flick-based titles. It would have been great to see the developer step out of its comfort zone on this one, but still, if you want a quick and challenging flick title you could do far worse than pick up this title.


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