Golf Squared Review

By , on May 28, 2012

Golf Squared
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3 out of 5


  • Some very intriguing landscapes that the charm of the pixel style brings to life.
  • A very easy to understand and play game.


  • While the initial concept is solid, this game doesn't really do much with it (compared to some other 2d golf games on the iPhone).
  • Almost no sound design.


A bare bones 2d golf experience that might draw you in with its visual style and ease of play, but isn't offering much else.

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There are two types of golf games on the iPhone, and it's not as simple as breaking them up into simulation and arcade virtual golf experiences. Most golf games are in 3D, and colorful characters and crazy power-ups aside, they represent a somewhat accurate portrayal of playing the sport. Another type of game has arisen on mobile devices however, and Golf Squared is the latest of these 2D side-scrolling golf experiences, which eschew the finer details of the game for odd level design and often some other interesting play ideas not made possible in a fully realized three dimensional world.

Like many iPhone games, Golf Squared's levels have a three star system, and in this case, the stars are linked to completing a hole with a par, birdie, or eagle. You have one club (that's automatically changed to a putter on the green), and a power meter in the corner. Drag your finger on screen to indicate shooting angle, then hold the power button and let go when you reach the preferred power of your shot. Most of the levels contain large peaks and valleys, with many opportunities for your ball to roll down a steeply inclined crevasse, or into a hazard.

While the sound of the game is almost non-existent, the visuals bear mention. The trees and sky have a very sharp pixelated look to them, nicely contrasted by the rolling curves of the courses' hills that adds style to all the driving and putting being partook in. In the end however, Golf Squared feels lacking. The power meter is misleading at the best of times in regards to your shots, and overall it feels like while this is a good basis for a 2D golf game, what with its bite-sized levels and striking artistic flair, it doesn't come close to realizing its potential. At least not when compared to some of the more popular 2D golf games in the app store.


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