Temple Run: Brave Review

By , on June 14, 2012

Temple Run: Brave
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4 out of 5


  • Sharp, silky-smooth gameplay; easy to react even when the pace reaches break-neck speeds.
  • Responsive swipe controls; almost psychic in their response.
  • The same simple, yet well balanced charm of Temple Run with a 'Brave' theme.


  • Little else brought to the table aside from thematic changes and movie-related unlockables.
  • Same original concerns with the upgrade system; obscures useful upgrades making it hard to spend coins in a way that benefits your play style.


Despite being a re-tread of an already immensely popular game, the new theme pairs perfectly with original concept while adding a couple touches of its own.

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When we first reviewed Temple Run by Imangi, we never imagined it would end up exploding in popularity as it did later that year - the delay between release to almost ubiquity was considerable, but it goes to show that a simple, but well executed concept can eventually make its mark.

Now the game has been twisted to fit the often infamous task of being a movie tie-in, featuring Merida from Disney Pixar's latest 3D film, Brave.

For those familiar with the original game, very little has changed aside from the aesthetics and the inclusion of a 'bonus' mini-game where players can tap targets to earn bonus points.

For those who missed it and haven't had an Apple-device-owning friend shove it in their face, the auto-running game tasks you with keeping your character alive by swiping to change directions, jump or slide under obstacles. Tilting will move you from side to side, aiding in collecting the coins that randomly scatter the pathways.

What makes the game so horribly addictive is the way in which is spaces out unlockable upgrades for the various power-ups that can appear during a run (from bonus coins, to coin magnets, speed boost and even coin-multipliers for longer runs). Almost every run will net you more and more coins, allowing you to sink them in to the ever-more-expensive upgrades, or if you save up your booty, unlockable costumes and wallpapers for your iDevice.

In short, Temple Run: Brave packs in everything that made Temple Run so charming and addictive to play, while offering at least a few goodies to those who are obsessed with Disney's latest film. This also means you're likely to tire of the game faster if you already own Temple Run, but it's still worth an afternoon of distraction.


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