Tower of Fortune Review

By , on May 18, 2012

Tower of Fortune
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4 out of 5


  • Clever use of LCD-like aesthetics; varied and distinct progressive sprites for random enemies.
  • Addictive RPG adaption of slot-machine gameplay; luck-based, but entirely within your control over time.


  • RNG can be frustrating and time-consuming; turns a small break in to a moment of annoyance.


Tower of Fortune's strength is in its addictive use of the infamously random slot-machine, while still providing players with the ability to overcome these odds through the use of items purchased with gold you've accumulated over time; it's a thin line to balance, but a fun one too.

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[This game was featured as the Mini-review for the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 18th of May, 2012]

If there's one inevitable fact a gamer has to face up to when playing a dungeon-crawling RPG, it's that they'll eventually have to deal with the dreaded 'RNG' monster. For those not familiar with it, 'RNG' stands for 'Random Number Generator' and refers to the luck required to survive some encounters; to get certain items to drop; and so on.

Tower of Fortune by Game Stew is bold in its use of a slot-machine system to determine how an encounter plays out, stripping away the need to roam dungeons and placing you in direct combat with random enemies on each tier of the tower. The 'luck' isn't entirely out of your hands though as money earned from previous attempts remains in your pocket, giving you the option to purchase items for better survivability and gambling on better stats when you level up.

The game's retro LCD style of presentation is almost quaint, especially when paired with the decidedly more modern sound effects and music tracks that punctuate various events.

For some, the open use of random outcomes may be a turn off, but much like a slot-machine it's a hard game to put down once you've mastered its secrets. A real treat if you enjoy simple distractions.


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