Little Things® Forever Review

By , on June 1, 2012

Little Things® Forever
  • Publisher: KLICKTOCK
  • Genre: Family
  • Released: 31 May, 2012
  • Size: 230.5 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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5 out of 5


  • Thousands of clip-art images to find; varied images for similar objects keeps you on your toes.
  • Elegant level design; collage of images to form a greater image - not just a sprawling mess.
  • Occasionally mixes up the objectives to ward off fatigue.
  • Beautiful soundtrack.


  • More of an expansion for owners of the original; not that this is something to complain about.
  • Early levels can feel repetitive until you've started unlocking more levels; an obvious point, but potentially frustrating for some.


Little Things Forever revisits a classic formula, pairing it with amazing visual design and simple mechanics that prove to be incredibly addictive.

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Some may remember KLICKTOCK for their recent and delightfully addictive time-waster 'ZONR', but those who own an iPad may remember them nest for something else entirely, 'Little Things'. Now after almost two years the sequel has finally arrived and adds polishes an already fun concept, albeit without adding to the game's basic formula.

'Blasphemy!' I hear you cry, but spare a thought for the iPhone gamer who has only been able to watch while iPad owners have enjoyed one of the best eye-spy style games for the last two years. Furthermore, the formula is so clean and elegant, adding so many more new puzzles is an achievement all on its own.

All you have to do to clear a stage is to find the objects randomly assigned to you. Sometimes this will be a list you can clear at your leisure; other times you'll have two minutes to find objects from a never-ending list; or you may even need to find every instance of a single object on the screen.

What makes this such a challenge is that the screen is literally flooded with hundreds of objects, varying in color (though often staying within what could be considered a sensible palette) and appearance. The twist is that each 'stage' forms an image thanks to a delicate arrangement of the items to create a kind of collage. Players can then zoom in and out with a pinch, scanning the rotated, scaled and re-colored images to find what they need.

It's an ingeniously simple, yet addictive formula that continues to challenge the player even after hours of playing.

Should you clear a stage fast enough you'll be rewarded with a puzzle piece which, when enough are collected, will present you with a mini-game to rotate and align the pieces to unlock a new stage.

Little Things Forever is a delightful experience that's perfect no matter your age or experience with gaming. From its crisp, clean clip-art visuals to the adorable background music that twinkles and shifts depending on the challenge you face, it's a class act all the way.


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