Alive4ever mini: Zombie Party Review

By , on June 4, 2012

Alive4ever mini: Zombie Party
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4 out of 5


  • The same tight-controlled zombie killing action we've come to expect from the series.
  • More of a colorful, relaxed take on the zombie apocalypse.


  • While not needed to play the game, the extra fun weapons and characters are hidden behind soulstone unlocks, which requires payment or grinding.
  • Lack of gameplay variety.


Those who can't get enough of Alive4Ever, or those that wanted a more jovial approach to their zombie survival gameplay should find what they're after in this stylistic retread.

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The first few levels of Alive4Ever Mini take place on a beach. We try not to be topical in our reviews here at AppSpy as topical never ages well, and our videos will always be with you long after current events are forgotten. Nevertheless, given the recent attack in Florida, reviewing this zombie game at this point in time is rather fortuitous. Luckily in this more stylized, cartoony edition of the Alive4Ever franchise, we are not dealing with creepy cannibals, just a good smattering of undead hordes complete with knife wielding zombie girls and exploding zombie clowns.

The tight controls and overwhelming zombie action you've come to expect from the Alive4Ever series has been retained in this offshoot offering. The twin sticks give amazing fidelity in movement, and adequate fidelity in combat. The only flaw from the right stick is a loss of ammo in pushing it and seeing if it's actually firing accurately in the direction you wish it to go, but this is a minor quibble, and if you find yourself with one of the super gem weapons, reloading and ammo are no longer a concern.

Gems are the In-App Purchase side of this game. You get a gem for every hundred zombie souls collected, and for completing secondary objectives (or you can pay for a bucket load). Gems can be used to buy new characters to play, but most importantly, they're used to save up and buy the limitless ammo version of every weapon in the game. There is a set price on these weapons to work towards but you could get lucky and strike it big in the gem refinery. For every gem converted to energy, there is a minute chance that you can acquire infinite ammo, but if not, the energy gets pooled towards this lofty goal.

The special zombies are humorous, the controls are fluid and you can become overwhelmed by zombies in that good way that one would hope a zombie survival game conveys. While there is a lack of variety outside survival and destruction, this game is pretty much what it looks like; a cartoon version of Alive4Ever... and that should be enough to tell you if this game will interest you or not.


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