Sleepwalker's Journey Review

By , on November 23, 2012

Sleepwalker's Journey
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4 out of 5


  • Luscious visuals help to guide the eye to important items; cluttered like a dream, but easier to follow.
  • Quickly scaling level of challenge; doesn't shy away from being tough, while still teaching you new tricks.


  • Slightly repetitive in its challenges; made all the more disappointing due to the small offering of stages.


Sleepwalker's Journey is rich in its beauty, and cunning in its challenges; you won't finish this puzzler in your sleep.

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Puzzle platformers can be tricky beasts - so many fall in to the trap of designing stages that progress in challenge too slowly or worse still, spike in difficulty, causing you to throw down your iDevice in frustration. Sleepwalker's Journey by 11 bit studios ramps up its challenge quite quickly, but it's such a smooth ride up that you'll be flicking, swiping and tapping furiously before you know it.

Poor Moonboy has a bit of a problem - he's at risk of being woken up, and you have no way to control him directly, but if you're careful enough to manipulate the dream just right he'll find his way back to bed. Much like a dream, Moonboy's world can be changed at will, with platforms and other objects ranging from fans to cannons and even a unicycle being used to keep him safe.

Flicks move platforms while taps activate items in the world - with these alone you'll guide the poor dreamer and hopefully collect all the stars and moons scattered across the stage. If things are moving too slow you can speed things up, but when things go wrong you're afforded a chance to rewind your actions (up to a limit) to fix your mistakes.

The game world itself also provides a helping hand thanks to its gorgeous presentation, with particle effects and environment art making everything easy to follow so you can make your decisions at a moment's notice.

Sleepwalker's Journey is a wonderful puzzler that doesn't shy away from providing a decent challenge. If you need an eye-popping, brain-scratching title to fill your spare hours, check this game out.


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