Catapult King Review

By , on June 15, 2012

Catapult King
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4 out of 5


  • Makes replaying just as much fun as completing the game the first time around.
  • Fine-tuned controls make it easy to replicate and pull off complex shots.


  • Magic system feels too much like a fist in the pocket of the player.


Catapult King may not be the king of catapult games, but once you start to delve in to its harder challenges you'll be glad the controls provide you with the finesse needed to complete them.

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[This title was featured as the Mini-Review for the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 15th of June, 2012]

In our time we've seen a lot of box-smashing, enemy crushing, physics-flingers come and go - some have succeeded, at least temporarily, while many others fall under the weight of trying to be another Angry Birds. Catapult King by Wicked Witch takes the gameplay to the third dimension, something that's relatively rare as it is, but also manages to pair it with incredibly fine-tuned controls and clever bonus objectives to keep you coming back for more.

Pulling back on the catapult provides you with the basic ability to set your power and direction of your shot, but being a 3D game, it also includes a separate swipe system to change the angle. You'll be thankful for the fidelity you're provided as the levels rapidly scale in challenge, providing distant obstacles to destroy.

While the usual 3-star (or in this case, bronze, silver and gold) rating system is in place, the real fun comes from trying to collect the gems, coins and badges. Each colored gem represents a specific task that needs to be completed, from killing enemies in a short period, to smashing a certain amount of blocks or even bouncing the projectile multiple times. They provide for incredibly challenging objectives that change the gameplay significantly - even more-so when you activate the Earthshock or Lunar Storm abilities to make levels easier to complete.

Catapult King has its quirks, but it's still a hard game to put down, especially if you're a fan of the flinging genre.


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