Let Me Out Review

By , on December 13, 2011

Let Me Out
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4 out of 5


  • Reminiscent of older puzzle games; place everything, than start the level and see if it works.
  • Speed controls help compensate for tweaking board placement.


  • Sometimes the placement of objects seems fiddly.


Let me Out has a bit of an Incredible Machine vibe to it while retaining the bite size levels and three star collection (or books in this case) that have become an iPhone puzzle game staple.

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Show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. I was trapped inside a book about an hour ago and it's doing things to my head.

Is it a good or bad thing when your game's premise can be surmised by changing a few words in a drinking song? An unlucky little book dragon has been sucked into the pages of the tome it was reading and now through the use of cannons and strategically placed beams of wood, the golden pages need to be collected to send it home.

Each level has the cannon on a set trajectory. The ultimate goal is the portal leading to what is presumably the next page, but to unlock new levels, a certain amount of golden pages must be collected. To get yourself to the exit and collect the three golden pages, you must use the tools available (which are mostly planks of wood) to bounce the dragon around all the dangerous obstacles. Some planks can be rotated at different angles but most are in a fixed position, only able to be moved to where they need to be.

As with any puzzle game of this variety, there can be a lot of time spent on trial and error as you nudge planks in small increments to achieve victory. To help aid the tedious nature that this can have during levels with complex pathways, there is a very welcome speed control button to fast forward the dragon's cannon blast escapades.

With a simplistic yet functional art style, and pleasing sound design, Let me out should be fun for puzzle fans of all ages. Some levels rely on fiddly block placement and that can lead to frustration, but for the most part what we have here is a simple game mechanic that has the potential for great puzzle complexity. It's worth a look for fans of the genre.


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