Disco Kitten Review

By , on June 20, 2012

Disco Kitten
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3 out of 5


  • Challenging reflex-based gameplay; master each capacitor and try to keep up.
  • Adorable neon-sticker-art visual style.


  • No real 'rhythm' aspect; music is catchy, but not purpose designed for levels - also repetitive.


Disco Kitten's real magic is in its short bursts of fast-paced fun in the Survival mode; while Classic mode can teach you the basics, it's too rote and repetitive to be as exciting as its endless variant.

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One should always read a game's description with a pinch of cynicism, if only to save yourself the disappointment that comes from false expectations. Disco Kitten markets itself as a unique rhythmic title, but in reality IJ Software and Chillingo's techno-kitty-themed game is more of a reflex tester than anything else.

Once you shed the expectations of clever musical scores, strange patterns to replicate and other rhythm-game tropes, what you're left with is a title that soars above most average reflex testing time-wasters as it introduces far more depth and complexity in to its gameplay.

The titular, electricity-fearing kitty acts as a sort of temporal conduit and is able to teleport around the screen to fixed spots, transferring energy to a giant hungry cat with the goal of filling him up as quickly as possible.

Your role as an intermediary is made more complex by various numbered capacitors, each of which storing the lightning bolts that strike them in varying amounts. Some will charge faster, while others will transfer their energy faster; it's up to you to remember which is which and to prioritize your movement accordingly.

Taking no hits will increase a combo meter, speeding up your ability to drain energy and providing the chance to activate 'Disco Mode' for super-speedy drains.

The stages repeat ad nauseam, introducing new capacitors and lightning patterns to test your timing and reflexes, but your ultimate goal should be that of mastering the endless game. Providing a fast-paced, but action-packed alternative to the 'Classic' mode, 'Survival' is all about staying alive and keeping your fuel gauge topped up to propel your platform further than ever. Power-ups and other bonuses can be bought with cash earned on each run, extending your play-time just that little bit further.

Disco Kitten is a great alternative to most mundane reflex-based arcade games and for those with a quick trigger finger and a taste for something more complex than shooting things that pop up on to the screen, this is for you.


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