Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition Review

By , on July 11, 2012

Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition
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3 out of 5


  • Konami-based themes to hop around in.
  • Multiple modes to choose from; AI opponents only at this time.
  • Arcade gameplay smoothed out; not as wickedly hard as the original.


  • A lack of multiplayer means there's little in the way of varied modes.
  • Music loops far too short; each quickly becomes mind-numbing before clearing a single stage.
  • Swiping can't match the immediacy of tapping/virtual controls.


Hyper Arcade Edition's major selling point, its multiplayer, being available to iOS players, all that's left is a weak series of AI controlled opponents and the classic arcade game we've seen more than enough remakes of to pass on.

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We've all seen the tabletop retro arcade machines at a hipster-ish coffee shop, or maybe at a family friendly restaurant, and honestly, who hasn't been tempted to put in a few coins to relive (or just try out) a few classics? Eventually the rose-tinted glasses aren't enough and you realize why we've moved on - it's nice to pay a visit to the forefathers of modern gaming, but you wouldn't want to stay there.

Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition attempts to gussy-up the original classic and package it for a modern audience, but unlike its console releases the multiplayer aspect - the one thing that managed to separate it from the arcade original has been curbed with AI-only opponents.

Aside from playing a smoothly scaled version of the original gameplay, you can choose to play in one of 5 different modes. A sixth is on offer, but it's merely an amalgamation of all the others.

These modes include a pixel-painting game where any move outside the image results in death; three 'versus' modes that include variations on 'King of the Hill', 'Capture the Flag' and an area control based mode; lastly, if you fancy yourself a true hardcore Frogger player, a 'twin' mode forces you to get two frogs home at a time.

By now, some younger or newer gamers may be lost. Frogger, for those who aren't familiar, is a game about survival and procreation - more specifically, you need to cross a hazardous highway, then brave the river rapids, only to plant down in one of the available slots at the top of the screen. Fill them all up and you move on to a harder stage.

In a way the graphics have been revitalized by using a voxel-like system where each pixel is in fact a 3D cube. This makes for pretty explosions when anything dies, but on smaller iOS devices it's honestly hard to make out any real change from the original. Of course there are plenty of alternative 'themes' to choose from, including Castlevania, Contra and DDR, but no matter the skin or music loop you choose, it feels the same.

As mentioned already, the inability to play against friends means the AI supported stages quickly wear out their welcome, leaving the arcade original as the only real harbor for lasting replay value. Sadly for Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition, we already have plenty of remakes and 'clones' on offer already, making this one for hardcore fans who enjoy the pretty themes they can choose from.


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