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By , on March 2, 2012

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3 out of 5


  • Unique visual style coupled with serene background music.
  • Point and click mixed with puzzles like Myst, or The 7th Guest.


  • Constant crashing mixed with no auto saves can make retreading ground common and frustrating.
  • Not always clear what can be clicked on.


LUME is a unique puzzle experience that should delight adventure and puzzle fans. It's unique style and puzzle variety is only detracted by its constant crashing and relatively short game length.

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What's more enjoyable in a game to you? Having an intro and tutorial that sets up the world and how to play, or just dropping you into this new world and having to figure everything out yourself? Both have their pros and cons but seeing LUME is a game of puzzles set in a world of abstract art, perhaps having little prompting as the game opens is best. Oh there's this story about visiting your grandfather with him being nowhere to be found, but that seems all too ancillary to the experience.

LUME is a point and click adventure game, or perhaps considering the iPhone, point and touch is a better way to put it. You start outside your grandfather's house and what follows is a series of puzzles to not only get inside but to power up his house and find out what's happened to him. The game doesn't tell you what you can pick up or tap on for a puzzle, but there are visual clues and a little trial and error will get you through. The puzzles themselves make the game reminiscent of Myst or The 7th Guest. The puzzles only superficially tie themselves to the environment and world. Upon touching one, a new screen will pop up with a loosely relevant brain teaser to overcome. Half the time the puzzle can be solved by itself, but some need clues, items and information from elsewhere in the world.

That's not to say the puzzles aren't satisfying to solve however. A little playing around or lateral thinking will get you through the game and as usual with these titles, the feeling of satisfaction you get from besting the challenge is worth the price of admission alone. Not that the game lasts too long, as it's part one of a larger story, but even those that get stumped easily might find the title too short for the price being asked.

Still, with an immersive presentation made so by the cardboard cutout pastels, the 3d transitions and the delightful background music, LUME is for adventure and puzzle fans who'd like a mobile version of this title. Future episodes will definitely be looked forward to by the AppSpy team.


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