Follow The Rabbit Review

By , on July 25, 2012

Follow The Rabbit
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3 out of 5


  • Clever mix of platforming, timing and limited-movement puzzles; compact and rewarding.
  • Neat themes introduce and mix new elements just as the old one wears thin.


  • Swipe control scheme feels imprecise; practice can help, but tiny errors can lead to a complete restart.
  • Difficulty curve spikes at times; elementary levels mixed in with complex ones.


Follow The Rabbit is a great example of developer GaMaGa's growth as a studio as it re-purposes an older puzzler and makes it stand out in the otherwise busy cute-puzzler genre in the App Store.

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Chilean developer GaMaGa have been kicking around since 2009, creating quirky games for browsers and more recently for mobile devices. Teaming up with Armor Games, the studio has re-purposed their old title 'Kermix' for touch screens and the end result is a game that is infuriatingly challenging, but oh so rewarding when you solve its puzzles.

Instead of rolling a cube around the screen one block at a time, players now take control of a strange block-like monster that is chasing down a rabbit (and now you know where the title comes from). Basic premise aside, your challenge is to make it to the door while also collecting the now-ubiquitous stars littered throughout the stage.

This is easier said than done, especially once levels introduce various enemies to bar your path and more challenging still, clones that move in the same direction you indicate no matter where they are on the level. The end result is a puzzler that, at first, tests your ability to think several moves ahead, either neutralizing enemies or timing your actions to end up in the right place at the right time. Those looking for replay value can attempt to conquer the stages in as few moves as possible, though this does bring up a small problem with the controls.

See, instead of the basic left/right/jump controls of the original, players can swipe to move around the screen. Where this becomes problematic (at least for those attempting minimum-move runs) is that swiping too far or not enough means you'll miss the point you were trying to stop on, resulting in either messing up the puzzle or using a move you didn't intend to.

Thankfully the problem is really only limited to this particular subset of gamers and for everyone else the variety of levels in each area will keep things novel until you complete the game. From cannons that generate cloud platforms to switches and even gravity reversing - we've seen it all before, but it combines well with the gameplay on offer.

Follow The Rabbit is by no means a golden standard of puzzling on the App Store, but it gets all of the elements balanced just right, making it a great pick for genre fans after something new.


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