TwinGo! Review

By , on March 12, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • Hilariously simple tutorial.
  • Gradual increase in difficulty, scaling back when new mechanics are introduced.
  • All round enjoyable presentation.


  • A little too simple and methodical for some gamers.


Swiping puzzle fun. Yes we've seen this concept before but Twingo pulls it off with great presentation and a truck full of content.

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Sometimes two people are inseparable. You've seen it in real life when your friends fall in love and suddenly your friend becomes merged with their partner creating some strange sort of amorphous twin. As a videogame mechanic however it can be quite creative and provide a nice base for plenty of perplexing puzzle gameplay. This is what Twingo has to offer.

It's you goal to use the power of swiping to guide Fuyu and Natsu to their respective colored pads at the end of each level. The caveat is that they move as a team. One swipe left will move both of them left, one swipe up will move both of them up... you get the idea. The challenge arises in that their pads usually require some maneuvering to get to, and some thought needs to be put in if you want to collect the three stars that are just begging to be snapped up in each level. You see the land they inhabit seems to be hanging in the air, and a wrong move will send one of them plummeting to their doom, restarting the level.

With the use of conveniently placed walls, plummeting can be avoided but then for the perfectionist, what is the most efficient way to make your way through the stage collecting everything? At the end of each level, a score is rewarded for the number of stars collected, and then a bonus is applied for traveling the optimal way during the level. This gives those die-hard players something else to strive for, and with a plethora of content, with new tiles and power-ups being introduced, these types of players certainly have their work cut out for them.

This type of puzzle game idea isn't exactly new, but with the cheerful cartoony presentation, Twingo shows that there's a lot of life left in used puzzle formulas. Especially when so much thought has been put in to exploit every use of their mechanics, while still keeping the levels, small, manageable, and perplexing all the same.


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