Super Knights Review

By , on July 18, 2012

Super Knights
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3 out of 5


  • Good progression with missions, coin rewards, and the price of upgrades in the shop.
  • Knocking thieving birds out of the sky.


  • Doesn't do much beyond the initial game premise, and it's not really that engaging.


Knights of the Round Cable doesn't offer too much beyond a great pun for its title. The swinging lacks emphasis and once you've played the game once, beyond the need to upgrade or aim for the high score, there's nothing to keep you playing.

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Frequenters of our site may have come to recognize my proclivity for puns. With that being said, based on name alone Knights of the Round Cable sounded like a game to look forward to playing. Three hundred and sixty degree swinging in order to collect gems and fling around stages like a knighted pinball? What's not to love? Will the relationship even last past the engagement? Let's stop with the horrid metaphors and find out!

The game starts with your knight falling from the sky before instructing you to latch your cable onto one of the hotspots of the stage by pressing and holding the button in the bottom right hand corner. If you want to start rotating the other way, you can hold the button in the bottom left. Collecting all the gems in a circle with give you a perfect which starts off your 'Fiesta' meter. Continuous perfects will keep this meter going, with the opportunity for greater rewards. After about a minute or so of play, the gems will be stolen by birds. After knocking a couple of these feathered thieves out of the air, their mommy will appear, which allows you to commandeer her to transport you to the next stage. Throw in princesses needed to be rescued, and dragons and dive bombing crows to avoid, and you get the gist of what the came expects of you.

Rounding out the experience is the ever-present mission system in iPhone games these days. Progressing through the mission levels will unlock additional knights to purchase with your gem bounty, each having unique perks to gameplay, such as rocket boosts upon detaching your cable. There are also a bunch of last chance items, extra hearts, and gem magnets, all to prolong your swinging action. These are useful mainly because each new game starts off at level one, tying game progression to not only skill but all the goodies you've bought for yourself through prolonged play.

Funnily enough though, the gameplay itself isn't very gripping. There's no uniform length to your cable upon grabbing onto a point, so half the time when spinning, you're missing the gems all together, and since there's no way to adjust said length, you need to swing off, either coming back for another go or heading to another area. Unless you dedicate the time to really follow the ebb and flow of the swinging mechanics, the lack of control makes it feel like a game of pachinko or pinball, only without enough time per stage to really appreciate the bouncing around.

Knights of the Round Cable is fun for a bit of time wasting. After a couple games you'll see all the game has to offer, and from there it's a safe bet that you'll either enjoy the experience and continue on, or put the game down and move onto something else.


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