10000000 Review

By , on July 30, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • Cleverly integrated RPG and tile-matching mechanics; both serve to improve the other.
  • Having a clear, ultimate goal makes the minor missions mean more; small steps on a long journey.


  • Random nature of tile drops, item drops, enemy spawns etc. can result in a string of bad games.
  • Wood seems depressingly rare; possibly bad luck on my part.


While 10000000's concept is far from unique, its smooth integration of RPG mechanics makes for an addictive arcade-puzzler.

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What is it about the match-three concept that continues to be so addictive? For some it's the light puzzle aspect, for others its the way in which simple actions can result in a cascade of combos that feel like winning on a poker machine. It may seem strange to pair such gameplay with RPG mechanics, but it's an already long proven combination, thanks in-part to the way in which matching tiles manages to substitute for the monotonous grinding of turn-based battle.

10000000 by EightyEight Games proposes an elegantly simple challenge - achieve a score of 10000000 to win the game. In a way, it's as simple as jumping in and matching-three tiles and hoping for the best, but you'd not only be missing the point, but making things harder than they need to be.

Each dungeon you attempt to clear has a series of challenges to overcome, be they monsters to kill, or doors and treasure chests to unlock. Matching tiles provides you with the tools to continue on your quest, with swords and staves representing physical and magic damage respectively; keys unlocking doors and chests; and treasure chests, wood, and stone providing added gold and item drops as well as resources to rebuild 'stores' in the game's lobby.

Gold and experience is spent to upgrade your character, making it easier to complete the missions provided to you, and subsequently moving on to harder dungeons with larger score and resource bonuses. Play your tiles right and you'll manage to stay alive long enough to score enough points to reach the fabled 10000000 high-score.

Simply put, 10000000 manages to smoothly pair the arcade appeal of tile matching with the near endless appeal of constantly upgrading your character via an RPG-like system. Aside from the grating music, the retro style doesn't detract from the game and if you've loved similar titles like Castlevania Puzzle: Encore or Dungeon Raid, then you'll get a kick out of 10000000.


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