Final Freeway 2R Review

By , on March 15, 2012

Final Freeway 2R
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3 out of 5


  • An old arcade racer feel.
  • Very tight and responsive tilt controls.
  • Good selection of tunes to race to.


  • The arcade feel is because this game is basically Outrun with a new control scheme.
  • Lack of content.


Those that have fond memories of playing Outrun in the arcades, Final Freeway 2R is pretty much that experience with a very well executed tilt control scheme.

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Weren't racing games at the arcades awesome back in the day? They usually had this giant car cabinet that you sat in. There was a steering wheel, and pedals. Sometimes even a gearbox! Sure the physics and the graphics have gotten a lot better over the years, and you can buy these elaborate peripherals for home use, but the experience is more than a little diluted. Still, we appreciate a throwback to simpler times and that's exactly what Final Freeway 2R offers.

Let's get the comparisons out of the way first. You know the game Outrun? Yeah, this is essentially Outrun. Same visual style, same branching path idea, same feel to the cars turning. If you're ok with that, let's continue. What the developers have done is add a very robust and responsive tilt control scheme. It may seem a bit off when you first start a race and your screen is tilted a little funny, but trust us, after driving for a minute or so, you'll be weaving through traffic like an expert. Kudos to them for getting the steering right.

You also have a rival that you're racing. Your goal is to beat them to every checkpoint. They seem to operate on the rubber-band racing rule that many games use to keep a player from getting too far out in front, and you'll see your rival pass you and lag behind many a time between checkered flags.

There's only one track, though the branching paths give it some replayability. There are music options, choosing between some fun driving tracks or your own music, and of course there are leader-boards and achievements. If you want a mobile version of Outrun and don't want to wait for Sega to start porting more of their classic library, Final Freeway 2R will do you right.


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