Super Lemonade Factory Review

By , on March 19, 2012

Super Lemonade Factory
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4 out of 5


  • Detailed and immersive pixel art coupled with catchy chiptune music.
  • A unifying theme for the menus.
  • Interesting premise.


  • While well made, the music does seem to be at odds with the type of game this is.
  • Gameplay is kind of bland.


Despite the immaculate presentation, Super Lemonade Factory never truly excites with its Lost Vikings-esque gameplay.

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Sometimes a game doesn't click with you no matter how amazingly it's presented, and let's not mince words, Super Lemonade Factory is immaculately presented. From the detailed low fidelity pixel art to the groovy chiptune soundtrack, all the way to the intriguing story filled with interesting characters. The thing is though that every aspect of a game needs to work in tandem to deliver a memorable and enjoyable gaming experience and in the gameplay department, at least for us at AppSpy, Super Lemonade Factory falls a little short. Let's explore this.

The game is like a simple version of the 'Lost Vikings' formula. Both Andre and Liselot need to reach the exit in each stage. They both have different skills and need to work in tandem to achieve the end goal. Andre can dash through giant crates, while Liselot, can not only double jump, but talk to the factory workers who are trying to impede your progress. Talking with them can reveal interesting insights into the overall story and the characters, but at the end of the day, touching them will still knock you back to a checkpoint or make you restart the level.

The game is controlled via on screen buttons and swiping across the screen will change from Andre to Liselot and vice versa. To traverse the level more quickly, you can also down swipe to piggy back along, although both characters can not use their signature moves while piggybacking.

The premise is solid enough, but it feels like instead of making the most of what Andre and Liselot can do, the levels seem to be going through the motions. Blocks pushed off a ledge to use as a stepping stone, elevators with spike walls, most everything is something that we as gamers have seen hundreds of times, and it makes the experience of traversing through this World War Two time stamped exploration of labor and love not what it could have been. Again, this is just our impressions, and to a vast majority of gamers this style of game could be fresh and engaging, and if so, there's no reason not to give Super Lemonade Factory a try.


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