Bubble Jets Review

By , on March 16, 2012

Bubble Jets
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3 out of 5


  • Wonderfully accurate recreation of the classic water-puzzles of the past.
  • Clever variations and devious designs to make up for the lowered difficulty level (compared to the physical objects).
  • Intuitive controls; no need to see the water - you feel it much like you would in the real thing.


  • Inherently lacks depth / complexity owing to its faithful recreation of the puzzles; new objectives / modern features could add further incentives to play / replay.


A blast from the past - Bubble Jets will remind you of just how frustrating and addictive water-based puzzles were, taking a few liberties to up the challenge at the same time.

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[This is review is featured in the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 16th of March, 2012 as its Mini-Review of the week]

It's quite possible that as a child you were subjected to the evil frustration that was the water-jet puzzle. While they came in a whole range of styles, their most important feature was a complex maze of blockades that prevented you from successfully floating whatever it was inside the water in to its goal. After several maddening afternoons I must have sworn them off complete because I never saw them again - until now. Social Agogo's resurrection of the bulky toys in the iOS title Bubble Jets is uncanny in its accuracy, but thankfully far more forgiving than the real thing - for one it's set in a 2D environment, so at least you're not going to need to worry about pieces getting wedged somewhere. You may be thinking to yourself? Why this? Why would I bother? Nostalgia and simple, relaxing fun are both excellent reasons, but more importantly it's recreation of water physics (along with some ingeniously designed stages), makes for a short, but challenging title where it's easy to find yourself trying to best your fastest run time. In the very least it's a great title for children after a distraction that still involves some skill and thought in solving its varied stages.


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