Diskobolos Review

By , on August 27, 2012

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4 out of 5


  • Simple and addictive.
  • The electronica soundtrack adds tension.
  • Interesting combo system.


  • Feels like more could have been done with the concept.


The disc arena from Tron meets Space Invaders in this high score arcade title that will keep fans busy with all the challenges available.

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You know that famous Greek sculpture of the man hunched over, holding a discus? That's Discobolus. Go on, Google the name, you'll know it when you see it. So what does this game have to do with that statue? Well not much really, but you are shooting out digital discs at a series of encroaching insects for multipliers and high scores, and that's got to count for something right?

Diskobolus is a lot of fun once you work out how it all comes together. You have a disc shooter at the bottom of the screen, and a bunch of insects will appear and march towards you. If one reaches the line at the bottom, the game is over. Holding down your finger will charge up your shot and dragging back and forth will aim. A charged shot just moves faster than a regular shot, which can be quite slow depending on the circumstances. Hitting multiple enemies in one go increases your multiplier, while keeping you safer so for the best result, you have to learn how to bounce shots off the wall (as wall shots increase your multiplier as well). This is helped along by the aim shot, which is a perk you can select before the game (one of a few, the rest needing to be unlocked). During play you can acquire special abilities that can be tapped to use, and black holes appear, which when plugged and destroyed give you bonuses and send a bunch of missiles your way which can help boost that score multiplier further.

When the round does end, you're awarded stars for any missions you may have completed, which go to boost your rank and title. This is only for personal or leaderboard bragging rights, but it does add something to work towards alongside the high score chasing.

With pumping electronic music and a visual style that invokes images of the inside of a computer, Diskobolos is an arcade title that offers a great sanctuary for those who love big combo multipliers and watching the numbers go up the longer they play.


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