MotoHeroz Review

By , on March 20, 2012

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre: Racing
  • Released: 15 Mar, 2012
  • Size: 31.4 MB
  • Price: FREE!
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4 out of 5


  • Simple controls backed up by intuitive physics; makes handling a breeze.
  • Ghost vehicles encourage players to improve themselves.
  • Fun power-ups change how you approach speedy times on each level.


  • Trial-and-error gameplay requires a lot of restarts; not a game for the impatient.
  • 'Party mode' feels absent; busy levels and ghosts feel like echoes of a frantic multiplayer mode.


MotoHeroz may be a stripped down version of its bigger console brother, but it packs a seriously addictive punch when it comes to trying to best your fastest-times and the times of those around the world; fun, simple and packed with cunning surprises for the competitive player.

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Much like CAVE and their predictable, but almost always excellent bullet-hell shooters, RedLynx can be counted upon to add to their collection of time-trial titles. Fresh off the heels of their update to the Draw Race series, MotoHeroz is a side-on time-trial racer, but it's not entirely new for the company as it repackages a stripped down version of the Nintendo Wii title of the same name for the iOS platform.

'Stripped down' has such a nasty sound to it though and all you're likely to miss out on is the ability to fight it out directly with opposing vehicles on the same map. At its core though the game remains the same and more importantly its focus on pushing players to self-improve is as strong as ever.

You start out proceedings in a relatively ordinary side-scrolling world, complete with loose and bouncy physics that tread the line between being unrealistic and intuitve all at the same time. So far so RedLynx, but you're immediately placed up against two ghost cars - one representing the minimum requirements to pass the level, the other your nearest opponent on the leaderboards.

In this way you're motivated to achieve greater things, coming back to earlier stages and pushing yourself even harder (thanks to your upgraded vehicle) and inching yourself ever closer towards exclusive goals such as collecting the 'hidden' treasure chests filled with in-game cash.

Power-ups empower your vehicles with race-changing abilities that open up completely unique pathways to speeding up your run. They're not completely free-passes though as they require some skill to master without hindering your otherwise decent attempt.

Building upon games like 1000 Heroz, MotoHeroz is a fun and well considered entry in to the genre. There's a sort of beauty in the fine-details that encourage replay and attempting to master all of its stages will easily consume your spare time if you give it a chance.


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