Draw Something Review

By , on March 21, 2012

Draw Something
  • Publisher: OMGPOP
  • Genre: Word
  • Released: 1 Feb, 2012
  • Size: 129.7 MB
  • Price: $2.99
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5 out of 5


  • Part Pictionary / part Scrabble; approaches the same problem from two angles, increasing its accessibility.
  • Animates the drawing and guessing stages for both people; makes you feel as though they're right there with you.
  • Self-imposed rules; no need to play with those who break the spirit of the game.
  • Nerdy and pop-culture references add a nice touch.


  • Limited word lists; easily possible to receive the same word multiple times in the space of a day.
  • No testing space / blank page for practice purposes.
  • Unable to save animations for later viewing.


Despite its asynchronous gameplay, Draw Something succeeds in turning a simple game of Pictionary in to something delightfully engaging thanks to features that make you feel as your opponent is right there beside you.

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I bring this message to you in the brief moments of time I now have spare to me. It is abundantly clear to me now that downloading, installing and playing Draw Something with my friends was a huge mistake - I need to work, but I can't... I'm stuck trying to work out how best to depict the word 'Morning' in a clever new way.

OMGPOP - you have single-handedly ruined the productivity of smartphone owners around the world.

For those who haven't jumped on board the increasingly popular craze that is 'Draw Something', the premise is simple. Take a dash of Scrabble and a whole heaping of Pictionary, add social features and bake until you're up at 4am wondering why no-one is responding any more.

Players have a choice between three words, each increasing in challenge and representing a greater coin value than the last one should both people succeed in drawing and decoding said drawing. These coins can be spent on purchasing 'bombs' (used to switch to new words or clear letters) or new color palettes to make drawing easier.

Games can be initiated either by finding friends playing the game through Facebook, email, specific username's, or more interestingly, by allowing the game to pair you up with someone completely at random.

Aside from the fun of competing with friends in a friendly game of 'what did I draw?', there's a magic in being able to watch the person you're playing with draw their picture in real-time. All of your strokes are saved and sent to the player and replayed - after guessing correctly the person who drew the picture can also see the other person trying to guess the answer as they tap each letter in turn.

There's something intensely visceral about this subtle touch - it makes you feel as though you're right there with the person trying to guess your secret word. If there's any real negative side to the game at this time it's that you can't save animated sequences for later viewing - a real shame given the amazing detail some players go to. Nothing prevents a player from simply cheating, but that's the beauty of the game - you can just stop playing with them if they don't want to keep to the spirit of things.

While there is a paid-for version that removes advertising, a free version also exists, so there's no reason not to start playing against your friends today. Just be aware that this is the real-deal when it comes to destroying your spare time, so approach Draw Something with caution if you lead a busy life!


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