Tentacle Wars Review

By , on August 1, 2012

Tentacle Wars
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5 out of 5


  • So many clever level design variations on a simple theme.
  • Optional paths on the overworld leading to tougher but more rewarding levels.
  • A system that works as well for multiplayer as it does for single player.


  • Disturbing organism images.
  • Some issues regarding dragging tentacles to new cells.


A real time strategy game fought at the cellular level, with great design and an eerie enough presentation to make the whole thing work.

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Tentacle Wars isn't just content about giving us a fresh take on the real time strategy genre by taking place at the microscopic level, battling against invading cells. No, you also happen to be waging this war inside the body of an alien organism that takes its inspiration from the fever dreams of H.R. Giger. Based on the popular flash game, this mobile version brings a back and forth game of cellular conquest straight to your iPhone and iPad, where positioning and reinforcement are key to victory and war is as simple as dragging your finger to a cell and letting the tentacles take care of the rest.

Saving each alien is done through a network of interconnected levels. Winning one area will open up pathways to others. Not all paths need be taken, but some of the dead end levels offer a greater challenge and reward if you feel up to it. Diving into a level grants you with a number of cells at your disposal, and the enemy will have the same. Each second gains you more power until you reach the cap of that cell (if it has one). Dragging a tentacle to a gray cell will start to take it over by transferring power, and as tentacles only have a certain range tied to the power of cells, part of the strategy is working out the optimal way to infect all the neutral cells. Keep in mind however that your enemy has the same plans, and often you will find yourself in tentacle battles where both your tendrils will clash midway between cells, and then it's a game of reinforcing that cell or forcing your opponent to fight back invaders on more than one front (to deplete his resources). Aside from dragging, you can also slice off a tentacle to send a burst of power into the cell that you were connecting to. This burst can be enough to control the cell, but if not, you may have weakened your target, but your initial cell is now a lot weaker as well, and you have to attach tentacles all over again.

Such a system creates ample opportunities for clever level design, and Tentacle Wars has that in abundance, with each new level requiring a different approach to the mechanics you learn as second nature after a few battles. This carries over to multiplayer where you can battle friends, and see how your single player strategies fare against another human mind.

Masked in eerie visuals and audio, Tentacle Wars feels other-worldly, yet the simple and solid gameplay creates a fascination in the game world, and a determination to move forward and repel these alien invaders (inside the uh... alien life form). This is a easy recommendation for real time strategy fans, and those looking for a different yet engaging gameplay experience.


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