Hunters 2 Review

By , on March 26, 2012

Hunters 2
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4 out of 5


  • Clean visual design; displays the information you need and no more.
  • Deeper character customization; 'respecs' available to play around with roles.
  • Varied missions given more challenge thanks to neutral NPCs and multiple enemy types.


  • Level design occasionally confusing; hard to spot potential hiding spots due to a combination of visuals and fog-of-war.
  • Relatively short story mode; bolstered by side-missions.


Hunters 2 moves the series forward, stepping away from the sterile and automatically generated levels of the original and on to something more exciting; a great pick for turn-based fans after a game ready to punish players for poor decisions.

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Rodeo Games first impressed us here at AppSpy when they released their clean and simple strategic turn-based shooter 'Hunters: Episode One' last year. Its weakness, though, was a lack of depth, choosing instead to generate near-infinite amounts of content to make up for this. Their newly released sequel has gone a step further, opting to provide players with more opportunities to customize their gun-toting crew and more importantly, packaging in a storyline to keep you motivated.

It's hard to stop yourself from simply barreling down corridors, pushing your way past doors and shooting everything in sight, but even early on Hunters 2 punishes players for such brazen and reckless tactics. Instead, you'll need to make careful use of a mix of crew members, scouting out enemy locations and setting up ambushes to take as little damage as possible - healing is in limited supply, so every point of damage you take feels meaningful.

Much like the first title, the controls are extremely streamlined, allowing players to tap individual units, moving and performing actions at their leisure before passing control over to the AI enemies who will test your positions for any weaknesses they possess. 'Fog of War' prevents players from simply seeing-through walls, making it extremely important to choose your defensive locations with care.

Kills result in each crew member earning experience; a chance at picking up some 'loot'; and eventually leveling up, picking up skills that boost basic abilities or adding to one of two 'specialties' that focus the Hunter's role in the crew. What may start out as a fairly bland and slow turn-based game quickly escalates in to a furious battle against extreme odds thanks to the careful use of powerful abilities (and just a dash of luck).

As mentioned, the game sports a single-player campaign now, and while it's not massive, you may want to take advantage of the constantly-updating selection of side-missions to earn extra experience and cash to make life easier. Small perks can also be awarded to players for tapping on a selection of non-invasive advertisements.

Overall, Hunters 2 is a step forward for the series - not a major one, but the cleaner interface, deeper customization and storyline give the game a better sense of progression, which is essential for motivating players towards continued play. A great pick up for fans of strategic turn-based shooters.


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