Bug Princess 2 Review

By , on April 5, 2012

Bug Princess 2
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4 out of 5


  • Extreme difficulty modes; 4 basic selectable difficulties, 2 unlockable modes, each ramping up the bullet count.
  • Fun, yet simple to pick up scoring system; keep switching weapon modes to score even higher.


  • Lacks save-states for games in progress; backgrounding available, but no 'continue' if the game otherwise closes.


Bug Princess 2 will seem like CAVE's standard fare when it comes to shooters, but if you manage to scratch the surface, you'll be faced with a challenge like you've never faced before.

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There are shooters and then there are bullet-hell games. Yes, we've said it before, but CAVE's long-running obsession with placing players against impossible odds is well known to iOS gamers now, but even amongst fans there's a game that remains utterly daunting. Bug Princess 2, the 2006 Arcade sequel to the classic original, takes no prisoners thanks to its ridiculously scaling up modes of difficulty.

By almost all other accounts, Bug Princess 2 is easy to pick up thanks to its familiar and simplistic features. The value of gems collected by the player increase as long as you remain untouched and the two playable characters each sport a unique firing pattern, complete with interchangeable 'bullet' and 'laser' weapon modes. If you're looking for a score boost, keep an eye on the combo meter and switch between weapon modes accordingly. Aside from this, the formula remains in tact with the usual combination of mini-boss and multi-stage final boss encounters, complete with complex attack patterns ready to trick you in to using up your final life.

Except, the real challenge of Bug Princess 2 isn't in completing its normal mode - no, that's the easy route, even if you do kick the difficulty up to 'Hell'. Where the game really shines is in the face-melting challenge that comes from the unlockable 'Maniac' and even better, 'Ultra' mode. Keeping in theme with the already streamlined simplicity of the game, these modes feature bullet patterns so insane, that on ultra it's not uncommon to see a screen that's almost exclusively pink in color.

By all accounts, Bug Princess 2 is not the most creative effort by CAVE when it comes to the gameplay. With that said, it's always a beautiful experience, thanks to its detailed worlds that (when you can see it through the explosions) is jaw dropping in its details.

Once again, it's a shame more time wasn't spent on adding richer features exclusive to the iOS platform, but for shooter fans after a pure experience, you can't go wrong with Bug Princess 2.


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