8bit Ninja Review

By , on April 11, 2012

8bit Ninja
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3 out of 5


  • A nice selection of power-ups that can be upgraded for greater effect.


  • Not much to the game.
  • Many of the more interesting elements need to be paid for (either by grinding or in app purchase).


While you may have some fun dodging falling fruit, there's just not enough game here to keep you playing for long.

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In the world of iPhone games, it has come to be known that the true arch enemy of the ninja is indeed fruit. After a couple successful years of slicing through their juicy nemesis with wanton abandon, a massive counter-offensive has been launched and now one poor little eight bit ninja is fleeing for his life trying not to be trampled by gigantic bouncing watermelons and coconuts

Trapped in your dojo, you move the ninja left and right using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. Avoid getting crushed by the fruit, grab the coins, and have some fun with the power-ups. As time goes on, the fruit attacks with more frequency, and even changes direction! Surviving long enough will activate your ninja power, which on the starting character deflects away fruit for a short amount of time. Once crushed, you can start the game all over again or visit the store to spend your coins or dragon eggs on more power-ups, and upgrades to those power-ups (oh yes, and new stages and ninjas as well).

The power-ups range from XP and treasure boosts while playing, to time slowdowns and weapons such as spinning blades, or a rocket launcher (both quite adept at obliterating any incoming melon or citrus). All power-ups can be upgraded to last longer or to have more benefit, and it's choosing which three to take with you during play that adds some much needed variety and a dash of excitement to the gameplay.

Some will find the fruit dodging and grinding to upgrade fun, but the power-ups just aren't enough to keep the dodging gameplay entertaining after a few games (let alone the amount needed to unlock the more exciting power-ups if you don't want to spend any money on in-app purchases). A fun little arcade time waster with good presentation, but nothing to keep you playing for long.


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